Yaal Loven
Startup entrepreneur, Hula-Valley Community Co-Founder

Nurit Tzur-Rabino

Eastern Galilee Regional Cluster C.E.O

Ofir Dubovi

 Serial entrepreneur and private angel, co-founder of Kaminario and OpenValley, a chain of innovation centers and academy in the northern part of Israel.

Benny Bauer

Chief Architect @ Wescover, HeightsTech Community Co-Founder

Zohar Levkovitz

Serial entrepreneur, private angel, co-founder of Amobee, C.E.O at Anti Toxin and has 20+ years of experience in the silicon valley

Gadi Mikles

Head of Research (AI / ML) Product Management & IL Innovation at Ebay

Yotam Tzuker

CEO & Co-founder Tech7 Community

Karina Rubinstein

Karina Rubinstein, Sr. Director of Business Development, Startup Division, Israel Innovation Authority

Dr. Daphna Michaeli

Manager of the Golan Smart Agriculture company

Erez Agmon

Associate Fresh.Fund (VC)

Nehora Amar
PhD Debate researcher at Bar-Ilan University, "Lev Ba Galil"  Board member, founder of "Northern Kingdom"

Roy Munin
Made in JLM community C.E.O, Forbes #Under30



8:30 Networking & breakfast

600 participants, 15+ Investors & VC's, 2 accelerators (MaofTECH), 2 new Hubs, 28 Startups, 17 Tech Employers, Telhai & Kineret Academic innovation Centers representatives.

10:00 Keynote Speech

10:00 - Yaal Loven - A Community as a Regional motivator for growth

10:10 - Nurit Tzur-Rabino - How can Regional Cluster support local Innovation?

10:20 - Ofir Dubovi - Innovation Ecosystem Creation

10:45 -  Zohar Levkovitz -  What Do investors want? 

11:10 - Gadi Mikles - Artificial Intelligence experiences - Are we really there yet?


12:00 Lunch Break (Agamon Market-Coupon)

13:00 Content Tracks (choose your track)  

Track (1)  -  Technology Implementation

13:00 - Benny Bauer - Serverless in Practice

13:45 - Dr. Daphna Michaeli - Agriculture, Technology, and the Challenges for You to Resolve

Track (2) - Entrepreneurial skills & Innovation

13:00 - 3 minutes Pitch X 10 Startups (Guided by Nehora Amar)

13:50 - How to create an Innovation Ecosystem in a peripheral area? (Panel)

Karina Rubinstein, Yotam Tzuker, Erez Agmon, Roi munin, Naama Kauman Pas